Kurds to demonstrate in Stockholm on 13 April

Kurds living in Sweden will stage a central demonstration on 13 April to demand freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and an end to the Swedish state's policies targeting the Kurdish people.

Kurds living in Sweden are organising a central action as part of the campaign for the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. In the demonstration to be held in Stockholm on 13 April, the policies of the Swedish state targeting the Kurdish people will be denounced.

Preparations for the demonstration, which will be attended by people from all over Sweden, have been finalised.

NCD-K, Amara Women's Movement, PJAK, KEJAR, PYD, Tevgera Azadi, Institute, MSD, Swedish leftist organisations, PEKAN, PUK Goran, Rojava Committee and lawyers, who are taking part in the coordination of the action, said: "We call on the Kurdish people and our friends to increase the struggle against fascist attacks and to participate strongly in the action. Let's say 'stop' together to the isolation and criminalisation against the Kurdish people."