Manbij Military Council fighters laid to rest

People of Manbij bid farewell to two fighters who lost their lives in the latest wave of Turkish attacks against the region.

Manbij Military Council fighters Minbicê Elî El Elî and Mehmûd El Hecac, who fell as martyrs as a result of Turkish attacks on villages to the north and west of Manbij, were laid to rest at the Cemetery of Martyrs on Friday.

The funeral ceremony was attended by locals from Manbij city and countryside, representatives of political parties, Manbij Military Council, tribal leaders and notables, as well as members of non-governmental organizations and institutions.

Speaking here, Hesen El Hisên, a member of the Council of Martyrs’ Families in Manbij, commended the struggle of martyrs, saying that they sacrificed their lives to protect their country and honour.

Mihemed Elî, a commander of the Manbij Military Council, said: “We sacrifice our lives for this country. We will continue to be shields for our lands. We made this promise at the very beginning and we reiterate our word to do so.”

Sîham Hemo, Co-Chair of the Manbij Legislative Assembly, paid tribute to the fallen children of the people, saying: “Manbij has been among the primary targets of the Turkish state which has continued its attacks against North-East Syria unabated since the liberation of the city from ISIS mercenaries.”

Denouncing the increasingly ongoing deadly attacks of the Turkish state, Hemo said that: “The goal of the attacks is to intimidate the local population who, however, remains united behind their military forces and confront the attacks on the field of battle.”

Following the speeches, the two fighters were laid to rest to the accompaniment of the slogan “Şehit namîrin” (Martyrs are immortal).