Many Turkish soldiers killed as HRE hits military base in Afrin

HRE fighters carried out a retaliation action following the Turkish attack on villages of Shera, killing many soldiers of the Turkish army.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement announcing the details of the conflict in Afrin territory.

The statement includes the following;

“The occupant Turkish army and gang groups under their control have carried out an intense artillery attack with howitzers and mortars against several civilian settlements, especially the villages of Malikiye and Meranez in the Shera district starting from August 8. The occupation forces also attempted to attack the same areas with heavy weapons.

Fierce fighting erupted after our forces retaliated the attacks and clashes continued into the morning ours. One of our fighters fell a martyr in the confrontation and his ID details will be announced to the public later on.

In response to the attacks, our forces have carried out a retaliation action against a military base area close to the clashes area today. The action left a number of Turkish soldiers and mercenaries dead or wounded. In the wake of the action, the Turkish army removed their dead and wounded from the scene in helicopters amid an intense activity of unmanned aerial vehicles.”