Martyr Şervan Kobanê buried after a large ceremony

Martyr Şervan Kobanê was buried in the presence of thousands of people. At the ceremony, HPG and YJA Star guerrillas Dildar Rojava and Rûken Kobanê were also commemorated.

Thousands of citizens, members of civil and military institutions, and representatives of political parties from the Kobanê Canton attended the funeral of Martyr Ebdo Ebdî (Şervan Kobanê) and the commemoration ceremony of Seîd Îbrahîm (Dildar Rojava) and Buşra Besrawî (Rûken Kobanê).

Anti-Terrorist Units (YAT) Commander Şervan Kobanê was martyred in a helicopter crash that took place in Bashur Kurdistan on 15 March, along with 8 of his friends.

HPG guerrilla Dildar Rojava fell a martyr in 2021, and YJA Star guerrilla Rûken Kobanê on 2 February 2023 in Medya Defense Zones.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kongra Star Euphrates Region Coordination Member Arîn Kobanê drew attention to the importance of the SDF fighters' struggle against the Turkish invasion attacks.

Arîn Kobanê continued: “Martyr Şervan and his comrades showed those who want to force people to leave their land, that this is not going to happen. We must follow the path of the martyrs until we achieve success.”

Hesen Mihemed Eli, co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Assembly Communication Office, drew attention to the resistance and self-sacrifice of the people of the region “who say either an honorable life or death."

Kobanê Military Council co-chair Mehmûd Dîmo said: “Martyr Şervan knew that he owed his country. He left his education abroad and returned to the country. Şervan was such a person. The people of the region should gather around the SDF and strengthen their unity until they achieve victory."

Speaking on behalf of Martyr Şervan Kobanê's family, Legislative Assembly Co-Chair, Fewziya Ebdî said that they will follow the line of Martyr Şervan and his friends until they achieve success, and added: "We stand straight with the children of the region who reject a life under oppression and defend the country."

Afterwards, the martyrdom documents of all three martyrs were read and delivered to their families. Martyr Şervan was buried in Martyr Dîcle Cemetery of Martyrs.