Martyr Omer laid to rest in Shaddadi

Self-Defense Forces Member Îd al-Omer was laid to rest with a ceremony held in Shaddadi.

Self-Defense Forces Member Îd al-Omer, who fell martyr while carrying out his military mission, was buried in Shaddadi, in the province of Hesekê. A large crowd accompanied the fallen fighter from the Council of Martyrs’ Families to the graveyard in his last journey.

The funeral began with a military ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony, the co-chair of the Council of Martyrs’ Families, Necim al-Nicûm, emphasized that the region could be saved from the invaders by following the resistance path of the martyrs.

After the speeches made at the ceremony, Omer's martyrdom certificate was read and handed over to his family. He was then laid to rest.