Message of resistance from the SDF front commanders in Ain Issa

Front commanders of the SDF in Ain Issa highlighted the resistance of the SDF forces in the face of recent invasion attacks and emphasised that, "Even if they attack on and on, they will face resistance and defeat."

On November 24, 18 Turkish soldiers and gang members, including a former ISIS leader named Ismail El Aydo, were killed in the clashes between the invaders and the SDF fighters who responded with great resistance to the attacks of the invading Turkish state and its gangs against Ain Issa.

Şervan Kobanê and Egîd Qeremox, two front-line commanders of the SDF in Ain Issa, evaluated the two-day conflict.

Şervan Kobanê, one of the commanders of the SDF Ain Issa front, said that the invaders carried out a similar attack on Ain Issa a month ago, but these attacks were repelled thanks to the resistance of SDF fighters.

Evaluating the attack on November 24, Kobanê disclosed that, “The last attack has come from 3 directions. The attacks primarily targeted the camp of Ain Issa. Our forces immediately responded to the attacks. When the resistance grew strong, the Turkish soldiers and the gangs received a major blow. They had to retreat. However, when they retreated, they left behind the dead and wounded. Afterwards, they sent news and requested a ceasefire and stated that they wanted to take the casualties under our supervision. We let them take those.”


Şervan Kobanê stated that similar attacks may develop from now on and that the same resistance will be mounted against possible attacks.

Kobanê addressed all the peoples of the region, including the Arab, Kurdish, Syriac communities and the Turkish Republic and their gangs, and demanded that all friends and enemies know their determination to resist. The commander continued, “Let the Turkish state and its gangs know that the defenders of this people are always ready to stand up against attacks with very strong resistance. That is why I want to say once again to the Turkish state and its gangs that even if they attack several times, they will again end up defeated by this resistance. We are prepared for these attacks. We, Arab, Kurdish, Syriac and all other peoples of the region, are ready to defend our people against Turkish soldiers and all kinds of gangs of ISIS. I also want our people to know this, we will continue to defend our people at all times and under all conditions.”


Egîd Qeremox, one of the SDF commanders on the front line in Ain Issa, reminded that the Turkish state and its gangs have been carrying out intense attacks against Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê since the autumn of 2019. Recalling that a bunch of gangs tried to enter the village of Mealik in order to control the M4 Highway, Qeremox added, “We surrounded the gangs in the village. We carried out dozens of artillery shellings. They had to flee.”

Pointing out that they allowed the Turkish state to take the corpses of the soldiers who died in the conflict, Qeremox said, “SDF once again showed its humanitarian side.”

8 civilians and 4 SDF fighters were injured by the over 150 artillery attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Ain Issa.