More refugees from Rojava return home

The people of Rojava who were forced to emigrate to Southern Kurdistan due to Turkish occupation attacks are going back to their houses.

The people who had been forced to leave Rojava and seek shelter in Southern Kurdistan when Turkey began its attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria are going back to their homes.

On Monday some 104 people have returned to Rojava crossing the Sêmalka Border between South Kurdistan and Rojava.

Mihemed Sibêh Silêman, one of the officials at the Sêmalka Border Gate, said that the people returning to Rojava were from Qamishlo, Tirbespiyê, Hesekê, Amûdê and Serêkaniyê.

The people who were forced to migrate to Southern Kurdistan had found shelter in Berdereş Camp. So far 4,700 people have returned to Rojava.