4,500 Rojava refugees return to their homes from South Kurdistan

Around 4 ,500 people who were forced to leave Rojava due to invasion attacks have returned to their homes.

Thousands of Rojava people were forced to flee their houses because of the invading attacks carried out by the Turkish state and its mercenaries against Rojava.

The people had moved to South Kurdistan and settled in Berdet Res Camp.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has built camps for the people who migrated from other cities of the region.

So far, 4,500 of those who have migrated to South Kurdistan because of occupation attacks have returned to their homes.

Officials at the Sêmalka Border Crossing between South Kurdistan and Rojava have set two days a week for the return of refugees.

Baz Ehemed, an official at the Sêmalka Border Crossing, said refugees returned in groups of 300 people.