More refugees sent to the new camp in Tabqa

A resident said that the new Mehmûdli Camp is a much better place and that here they have access to all services.

Tabqa Democratic Civilian Administration is working with the Social Affairs Committee to ensure better conditions for migrants in the region. Stating that the conditions in the Tiwêhêniyê Camp are not suitable for refugees, the Civil Administration has made efforts to provide a better service.

Tabqa Democratic Civilian Administration built the Mehmûdli Camp in spring 2018 in coordination with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The camp has all the international requirements for refugee camps.

Refugees transferred to the new camp

With the opening of Mehmûdlî Camp, the Civil Administration started to send there 70 refugees a day of those now housed in Tiwêhêniyê Camp.

So far already 5,500 refugees, around 1,300 families, have settled in the new camp. Most of the refugees come from Hama and Homs countryside.

The Mehmûdli Camp, established on an area of ​​470 acres, has 1,800 tents. The camp, consisting of 5 separate sections, was built to accommodate 8,000 people.

All the needs of refugees met

Camp executive Neşmi El Rehîl stated that all the needs of the refugees were met. The executive said they were continuing their efforts to ensure education for children.

“420 primary school students will be educated at the first training centre. - El Rehîl said - The second training centre to be established will be built for those who cannot read and write and 500 people will be able to study here.”

Better conditions

Friday El Xeraş, who settled in the camp after being forced to leave the Hama countryside, thanked the civil administration for creating a safe environment for refugees.

El Xeraş said: “The civil administration has been serving refugees before and still does. Thanks to these services, we are now living in a better environment.”

Mezna al-Ebid, who was forced to emigrate from Homs, said that the new Mehmûdli Camp is a much better place and that here they have access to all services.