Mothers of martyrs light Newroz fire in Manbij

Mothers of martyrs lit the Newroz fire in Manbij during an event attended by hundreds of citizens, under the slogan “We will liberate Öcalan with the spirit of Newroz and defeat the occupation.”

Political parties, non-governmental organizations, military institutions’ members, opinion leaders and hundreds of citizens from Manbij and rural areas flocked to the Tewq Xelil village, in the southwest of Manbij, to celebrate this year’s Newroz.

After a moment of silence, the Newroz fire was lit by mothers of martyrs, namely Meha El Ebdullah, Mehna Beluk, Kewser Hemo and Fatima Mihemed, who wore traditional local clothes and released white doves which represent peace.

The Newroz program in Manbij will continue with speeches, national songs, theatre and poem performances.