MSD approves roadmap for the resolution of the Syrian crisis

After discussing and approving the draft political document and the bylaws of the MSD, the MSD Congress approved the roadmap presented to the congress for the solution of the Syrian crisis after some amendments were made.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) held its 4th congress in Raqqa with the slogan "The unity of Syrians is the basis for the political solution and reconciliation of a decentralised, pluralistic, democratic Syria". The congress was attended by 400 delegates from Syria and abroad, including MSD representatives, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), representatives of women's and youth organisations, Yazidi, Syriac, Armenian representatives, tribal elders and independent personalities.

A comprehensive roadmap for a political and peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict was also presented at the conference and approved after a discussion and some amendments by the participants.

Some of the points identified in the roadmap are as follows:

 -A general ceasefire should be declared, all external attacks on Syrian territory should cease and the fight against terrorism should continue under international supervision.

- Those arrested and abducted should be released and the fate of those disappeared should be disclosed.

-All foreign armed militants should leave Syrian territory, and this should be done through an international resolution.

-The embargo on all affected areas should be lifted and international humanitarian organisations should carry out their work in all parts of Syria. The economic penalties on Syria should be lifted and internal trade should be revived.

-An international congress should be organised for the states that will rebuild Syria.

-Changing the demographic composition of each region is a violation of international law and should be addressed in search of a solution.

-Preparing the conditions for the return of migrants and refugees should start immediately with the help of UN agencies.

- Dialogue should continue and proposals should be presented with the participation of all parties. A consensus on the future Syria should be reached.

- The occupation should end, and all foreign forces should leave Syrian territory.

The MSD stated that insisting on a military solution means deepening and prolonging the conflict and crisis, and displacing Syrians.

The peaceful resolution of the crisis depends on the following steps:

- The solution must be dialogue and mutual agreements according to relevant international resolutions. The mediator parties aiming for a solution in Syria should advocate a lasting solution.

- Efforts will be made to organise the Syrian National Congress. The General Constituent Assembly will be established and will fulfil its legal and supervisory functions and fairly represent all Syrians.

 - An interim government with broad authorities should be established.

- Work on the current constitution should be halted, constitutional rules should be announced, and a committee should be formed to formulate a new democratic constitutional project.

- The democratic transition should be given time so that general elections can finally be held at national level according to the new constitution.

- A Council for Justice, Peace and Security should be established and justice should be ensured.

- A military council should be established, and the armed forces should believe in the political solution, join the new national army and rebuild the security system.

- An Economic Council should be established and work for the reconstruction of the national economy.

- Women should participate in political work as a compulsory condition.

- Young people should be involved in the democratic transition.

- Through political work, the centralisation of power should be ended, and a fundamental democratic change should be created. Syria should be rebuilt according to the system of democratic pluralist decentralisation."