Munzur: Leader Öcalan is the key to a solution, peace and democracy

Ferzende Munzur, member of the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative, said that "Leader Öcalan is the key to a solution, peace and democracy" and that all Syrian peoples are taking action to ensure he can continue to play his role.

The Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative in Northern and Eastern Syria is carrying out many activities, including diplomatic ones with Arab countries and all over the world. The Initiative, which has centers in cities such as Aleppo, Manbij, Deir ez-Zor, Hesekê and Qamishlo, continues its work in two directions, spreading Abdullah Öcalan's ideas and philosophy on the one hand, and working to ensure his physical freedom on the other.

Ferzende Munzur pointed out that the Turkish state carried out intense attacks on Kurdistan and simultaneously continues to impose a regime of isolation on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan. “Isolation practices against Leader Öcalan are not recognized at all. Everyone in prison has the right to see both their family and their lawyers. The Turkish state usurps this right [in the case of Öcalan]. This is its approach to the Kurdish problem. If they had approached it correctly and asked for a solution, there would have been a radical change thanks to our leader.”

They can’t break Kurdish resistance

Munzur said that those who could not break the resistance in Imrali wanted to break the will of the Kurdish people and freedom fighters with the isolation system and attacks. "The resistance in Imrali is very meaningful. The impact and spark of this resistance deeply affects the people. For this reason, the Kurdish government continues its policies of denial and annihilation. These policies and violations are fruitless, however. They cannot break the will of the Kurdish people with their dirty policies. These attacks will not yield any results.”

Everyone demands freedom for Öcalan

Munzur said: “Leader Öcalan is the key to solution, peace and democracy. Everyone should see this. The messages coming out of Imrali are of peace, reconciliation, solution and democracy. All North East Syria stands for the physical freedom of our leader. There is great love for Öcalan throughout Syria. All segments of society are in action.”