Names of the civilians killed and wounded in Til Rifat

The attack killed 10 civilians and wounded 10 others.

Names have been disclosed of the civilians who have been killed and wounded in Turkish forces’ artillery attack against Til Rifat town in the Shehba Canton earlier today.

10 civilians lost their lives in the attack, including 8 children aged between 3 and 15, and two elderly aged 74 and 63. 10 other civilians were wounded in the attack.

Names of those killed and wounded are as follows:


Hisên Abdulha Kildedo (74)

Ali Mehmud Osman (63)

Mihmed Ali (11)

Mistefa Mihmed Mecid (10)

Mihmed Haci Omer (7)

Arif Cafer Mihmed (6)

İmad Ehmed Kêfo (9)

Abdul Fetah Aliko (3)

Semir Abdurihman Hiso (12)

Mihmed Adulriham Hiso (15)


Hanif Hamo (9)

Mihmed Keyefo (20)


Enise Alo (21)

Hêvin Mistefa (30)

Xelil Mihmed (3)

Hesan Omer (10)

İlyes Heson (9)

Edhem (6)