New Corona rules in North-East Syria

The Autonomous Administration is expanding its regulations issued to deal with the corona pandemic.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is expanding its regulations issued to deal with the worldwide corona pandemic. A round-the-clock curfew has already been in force since Monday, and the autonomous area has been de facto sealed off. While all previous initiatives continue to apply, now the authorities have agreed on further restrictions:

1- Citizens are urged to make their purchases according to the limit set by the Directorate of Purchase and Sale. Violations of the restrictions will be sanctioned.

2- Citizens should maintain physical distance and avoid contact with anyone other than members of their own household.

3- Bodies of citizens of North and East Syria who have died shall be received exclusively by their relatives provided that protective measures have been taken.

4- Persons entering the Autonomous Region must spend 14 days in quarantine.

5- Exchange offices are only open on Fridays.

The Autonomous Administration thanks the population for respecting the restrictions and appeals to owners to suspend rents and the tradesmen not to raise food prices. "Our region is going through a difficult period due to the Corona crisis, which is affecting us all. What counts is humanity."