New lights for Raqqa

Raqqa Lighting department is starting a project to provide new lights for the city in April.

Raqqa Canton People's Municipality Lighting department is working to install a new lights network on the streets of the city.

Speaking about the project, the head of Raqqa People's Municipality Lighting department, Shewax El Selal, said: "After 70 percent of the project has been completed within the canton, work is now being carried out to complete the entire project. The lighting project is planned to be completed on the main streets and side roads."

The illumination of the city is something undertaken by the municipality for some time. 70 percent of Raqqa is now well illuminated and the new network will be carried out from Ferdos Street to Wetanî Hospital and Newewi Mosque. The length of this new line is one kilometer. In addition, work will be carried out in places such as the neighborhoods to the east of the old bridge, those around the old mosque, Sinai city, and Ferat.

The lighting unit will also illuminate the public Istiklal Park, Beca Park, 7 Nisan Park, Hiwêwe Street, 16th Street and Panorama Street.

The Lighting Unit installed 6 new lighting poles in Jin Park (Women’s Park).