Newroz fires lit in Tirbespiyê and Hesekê

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement held a Newroz march in Tirbespiyê. Citizens in Hesekê lit a Newroz fire.

Newroz celebrations continue in Northern and Eastern Syria.


A march with torches was held in the Tirbespiyê district of the Qamishlo Canton. The march was organized by the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women's Union.

Photos of Leader Abdullah Öcalan and flags of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement were carried during the march.

Speaking at Martyr Nejîbr Square, Tirbespiyê-Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement Executive Member Mizgîn Hisên said that young people will continue to fight for the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Young people ended the march by lighting a Newroz fire.


A Newroz fire was also lit in Hesekê, in the neighbourhood of Salihiyê.

A minute's silence was held at the beginning of the event for the martyrs of the revolution. Then the Newroz fire was lit and people danced around it.