“Not a single house captured by the enemy in Serekaniye”

Turkey launched an incursion into northern Syria on Wednesday.

ANF talked to Serekaniye Military Council Commander Imad Meno in the battlefield.

Meno underlined that; “No matter how heavy the attacks of the enemy might be, this people will never bow down to invasion or leave their sacred lands, resisting for it to the very end. The attacks are intense but the resistance of our forces, fighters and people is equally great and glorious.”

Pointing to the occupation forces’ attempt to besiege Serekaniye, Meno continued; “Our forces are fighting and resisting. Not a single house in Serekaniye has been captured by the enemy so far. They are trying to form a line from the east and west to ultimately besiege the city. Clashes continue in the battlefield. Our forces have carried out effective actions since last night, in the areas of Tl Xelef and Mezrê. Dozens from the occupation forces have been killed and the dead are transported to Ceylanpınar district of Urfa. We are running an operation since last night amid fierce clashes.”

Serekaniye Military Council Commander vowed that; “We made a promise to our people, we will defend the honor of our people to the last drop of blood.”