Painful stories coming from Afrin, where kidnapping continues

The fate of some citizens who were kidnapped by the occupation forces in Afrin about a year ago is still unknown.

There is no peace for the people of Afrin who remained in the city and surrounding villages occupied by the Turkish army and its mercenary allies.

The fate of civilians kidnapped a year ago remained unknown and new abducations are reported every passing day.

Local sources said that the fate of some citizens, Ehmed Hemûde, Cîger Hisên Xelîl and Luqman Hisên Mehmûd, who were kidnapped by the occupying Turkish army and its mercenary allies about a year ago from the village of Diliya in Mabata, is still unknown.

50-year-old civilian named Emîd Ebud Henan was abducted by the invaders and nothing is known about his whereabouts.

Fields set on fire

On the other hand, the invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies continue to set fields on fire in the villages of Mirkan, Birimce, Kaxra and Rota in the province of Mabata.