PYD: Revolutionary people's war will be expanded

At its ninth congress, the PYD decided to expand the struggle for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the revolutionary people's war.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) held its ninth congress in Heseke under the motto “We will defeat occupation with revolutionary people's war and establish a democratic Syria”.

Asya Abdullah and Salih Muslim were elected as the new co-chairs at the congress which was attended by 700 delegates from North and East Syria, Kurdistan and Europe, including representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), TEV-DEM (Democratic Society Movement), civil society organisations and the women's umbrella organisation Kongra Star. Moreover, 145 members of the new assembly and 7 members of the Disciplinary Board were elected.


The PYD issued the following statement concerning the decisions taken during the congress:

“Our 9th congress was held between June 18 and 20 under the motto “We will defeat occupation with revolutionary people's war and establish a democratic Syria”. 700 delegates from inside and outside the country, the Autonomous Administration, political parties, Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), TEV-DEM, women's organizations and civil society in North and East Syria attended the congress, while opposition and Kurdish parties in Syria sent congratulatory messages. 

After a moment of silence, Eyşe Hiso and Enver Müslim delivered speeches and congratulatory messages were read out. The reports of the general assembly and the women's assembly were read out, the organizational and political situation, the role of the party, and national tasks in the past and future were discussed during the congress, which was closed to the press.

The congress was held at a time of significant historic developments in the region and the world, especially threats from the Turkish state against North and East Syria and its effects on the Middle East. In addition, it was pointed out that the Turkish state contributed to the escalation of the Syrian crisis which has continued for 12 years and blocked the solution to the Syrian crisis in line with the UN Resolution 2254.

The news of Ferhad Shibli’s martyrdom by the fascist Turkish state affected all members of the congress emotionally. It was noted that the struggle of Martyr Ferhad Shibli would be continued, and that Shibli’s martyrdom was the outcome of a systematic genocide carried out by the Turkish state against the peoples of the region, specifically the Kurds.

The participants stated that the Turkish state violated all international conventions pertaining to the sovereignty, stability and security of the peoples.


As a result of the discussions at the congress, the following assessments were made:

Our party, which draws its strength from the people, will be one with the will of the people by addressing the strongest self-criticism for the shortcomings while the members who overcome the deficiencies and obstacles to the organization's work will perform their duties according to the course of proceeding.

To establish a pluralistic, democratic and decentralized Syria and to adopt revolutionary people's war against occupation is part of our struggle. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria will defend all the achievements made thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs and the struggle of the people.

Members of the Congress came to the conclusion that the most appropriate solution to the Syrian crisis would be through dialogue. The importance of partnership with all national opposition forces that promote a democratic Syria was emphasized. Moreover, a dialogue with the government of Damascus and a resolution for national causes, in particular the Kurdish cause, should be ensured basing on a democratically accepted constitution.

The main decisions taken at the congress are as follows:

* Expansion of the struggle for the physical freedom of Öcalan.

*Development of self-defence and social economy, as well as the principle of revolutionary people's war among the party members and the people.

*Liberation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and other regions under Turkish occupation.

*Elimination of Turkey's fascist and racist demographic change project in our occupied regions.

*Cementing and developing the Autonomous Administration according to democratic political mechanisms.

*Supporting and strengthening the SDF, developing diplomatic relations and maintaining relations with international, local and social parties.

* Carrying out the necessary work to ensure the national unity of Kurdistan and organizing the Kurdistan National Congress.

*Helping young people fight the special war waged by the Turkish state and developing organizational activities to oppose the male-dominated mentality which targets women's freedom.

*Developing observation mechanisms and taking part in all the work of the party.

* Taking care of the families of martyrs.

At the end of the congress, the participants renewed loyalty to the values ​​of the martyrs, and recognized Martyr Ferhad Shibli as the symbol of the 19 July Revolution and an example of revolutionary, humble, rebel and altruistic commandership.

It was stated that the resistance would continue in order to defend the gains of the people, to fulfil the party aims, to construct a democratic Syria and to put an end to occupation in line with the democratic nation philosophy, the ideology of women's emancipation and the leadership of the youth.

Asya Abdullah and Salih Müslim were elected as PYD co-chairs, 145 people as members of the general assembly and 7 people as members of the Disciplinary board at the end of the congress.”