Refugees in Washokani Camp prepare to face summer months

Life in camps for refugees is always full of difficulties and problems. Once an issue is solved, another arises. 

In Washokani Camp, located about twelve kilometres from Hesekê, there are over 12 thousand people (or 1,862 families) living. They fled Serêkaniyê after the Turkish invasion which began on 9 October 2019.

One of the main problems for the refugees was access to drinking water, and this was solved thanks to the excavation of a new water which together with eight kilometres of pipes laid, finally meant supply to the entire camp is now guaranteed.

However camp residents are now preparing to face the scorching heating of the summer months, which traditionally bring with them a number of diseases and health issues. The residents are waiting for medical supplies to prevent those diseases from spreading, something more urgent than ever given the coronavirus outbreak which adds a new threat to the already precarious health situation.

Temperature in the summer can reach 40 degrees and Heyva Sor is trying to build up stocks of medicines to be ready to face this new challenge.