Vengeance Units claim responsibility for the action in Urfa

Vengeance Units claimed responsibility for the explosion that occurred in the ammunition depot at the camp of the 20th Armored Brigade Command in Urfa on the night of 13 November.

The Vengeance Units said in a written statement: "The ammunition warehouse of the 20th Armored Brigade Commander located in Urfa city center was destroyed by our Aynur Ada - Delal Amed Revenge Unit on 13 November 2019."

The statement added that the action was carried out with drones loaded with explosives from two different points.

As a result of the action, 19 soldiers including those from the ‘special units' were killed and dozens were wounded, said the statement which also included the following details:

"The brigade commander was among the injured. Our unit, which determined that more than 70 ambulances entered the place after the explosion, returned to their base without any loss in the action."

Vengeance Units said that the action took the name of "PKK comrade Delal Amed, who fell martyr on 13 November 2017, and DKP / BÖG member Aynur Ada who fell martyr in Rojava on 6 November 2019."