Çiyakurd: Russia is responsible of negotiations with Damascus

Criticising the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal al-Miqdad's remarks "we refuse the Autonomous Administration", Çiyakurd said that such statements did not serve dialogue.

North East Syria Autonomous Administration deputy co-chair, Bedran Çiyakurd, was part of the delegation that met the Syrian administration in Damascus through the mediation of Russia. 

Bedran Çiyakurd spoke about the contents of the talks and the statements of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, Faisal al-Miqdad in a program on Ronahi Tv.

Criticising the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal al-Miqdad's remarks "we refuse the Autonomous Administration", Çiyakurd said that such statements did not serve dialogue.

Çiyakurd said: "This mentality is one that does not want to resolve the problems in Syria and tries to act as if nothing had happened in Syria. It is the mentality that wants to continue to govern the country like it was governed before 2011. This mentality will never solve problems and crisis. It is a mentality that will deepen it even more."

Çiyakurd reiterated the importance of the negotiations with the Syrian administration and added: "Some negotiations with Damascus were held. These negotiations through Russia were new and we see them as important. All statements made at such a time should be constructive and contribute to the solution of the problems. They claim that we are trying to break up Syria. We absolutely refuse this view and say that it has nothing to do with reality."

Need for a new Constitution

Çiyakurd added: "We advocate a project that guarantees the rights of all peoples and beliefs within the integrity of Syria. We think that the solution of the Syrian crisis passes through this project. We must state that the potential and experience of the Autonomous Administration will be a great help in the solution of Syria's existing economy, political, administrative and security problems. If the Damascus administration sees the Autonomous Administration as its red line and tries to solve problems through the old methods, it will realise see that this is not possible and that this country needs a new constitution."

'We will insist on dialogue'

Bedran Çiyakurd said they will insist that the problems be resolved through dialogue. "We insist on our opinion and determination for dialogue to find solutions. A Syrian solution is strategically important to us. We will continue our struggle in this way. On the other hand, it seems that the way of solution through dialogue is not an easy way. Everything is not solved in such a short time. There will be serious problems to deal with. Damascus should approach this issue seriously."

Bedran Çiyakurd also made evaluations about the issues on the agenda at the meetings in Damascus. He noted that the Syrian regime did not have a serious and new solution project.

He  said: "The impression we have gained so far is that Damascus administration does not have a serious project to solve such problems. They do not present anything new in their thinking. They say that they can open the 107th article of the Syrian constitution, which envisages the functioning of local governments, they said that the SDF and all the forces of security should be included in the Syrian army. They also have some different views for education, language and cultural work."

Çiyakurd stressed that: "The whole of Syria needs a new project. But as we have seen, it seems that the Damascus administration does not have a new project for the solution of the problems at their roots. That is why we need to have a new approach that will not lead to different interventions."

The role of Russia

Assessing the mediating role of Russia in the negotiations, Bedran Çiyakurd said: "Russia has not shown any reaction against these approaches of the Damascus administration. Russia does not think much different from Damascus. Russia tries to bring the Autonomous Administration and Damascus closer within the framework of Damascus, but the demands of Damascus and Russia are not accepted in North-East Syria.

Their solution is similar to what they do in Daraa. Russia does not have a clear solution project in this regard. They say only if you and Damascus agree, we are neutral, we accept. We say that there should be impartial guarantors on this issue. At this point, we state that the responsibility lies in Russia. He must encourage the Damascus administration to the solution and apply pressure. Because Russia finds it difficult to return to before 2011."