SDF Commander: Turkish state prepares for a comprehensive attack

SDF commander Erdal Kobanê reports an increase in attacks by ISIS cells in Ain Issa and military movements of the Turkish army and its mercenary troops into the region.

While the whole world is taking measures against the coronavirus, the Turkish state and its mercenary troops are using the situation to extend their attacks. In recent weeks, the attacks on villages and settlements in the vicinity of Girê Spî and Ain Issa have increased in intensity. Turkish fighter jets have repeatedly flown over the M-4, Ain Issa and Chalabiyah highways. While Turkish reconnaissance drones are constantly circling over Ain Issa, the walls erected after the occupation of the region last autumn near the villages of Evdiko, Silîp Qeran and Carqilî have been removed and troops transported into the region.

ANHA news agency spoke with the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of the Ain Issa region, Erdal Kobanê, about the current developments.

"Turkey wants to use Corona crisis as an opportunity"

Kobanê explains the situation in Ain Issa as follows: "The occupiers want to use the Corona crisis as an opportunity. They are attacking here to occupy the region. They are targeting the civilian population. Because of the virus, the people remain in their homes but are experiencing a very difficult time. The Turkish state is doing everything it can to ensure that the virus reaches our region. As far as we know, some people infected with Covid-19 have been taken to Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrini. Attempts to bring the infected persons to Ain Issa as well are being prevented by our self-defence.”

"The ISIS is being organized"

SDF commander continued: “A few days ago residential buildings were bombed. This dirty tactic is intended to drive the people out of their homes and thus to make the measures against the pandemic fail. 15-year-olds are being used as suicide bombers. It is obvious that there are great efforts to reorganize the ISIS at the moment. Preparations have been made underground to attack the SDF. We were able to find out about it."

"We are always ready to protect the people"

The Commander emphasises that the SDF are abiding by the ceasefire declared in the wake of the pandemic. Regarding the attacks by Turkey, Erdal Kobanê continues: "The Turkish state wants to move its front forward with its attacks. We are ready to protect the people against any attack.”