SDF fighter Amed Enteriyê laid to rest in Qamishlo

SDF fighter Amed Enteriyê (Kadar Ebdurehîm Îsa) was buried after a ceremony held at Martyr Delîl Sarûxan Cemetery.

The people of Qamishlo, civil society organizations, the Revolutionary Youth Movement, Kongra Star, political party members as well as the Internal Security Forces and military forces attended the funeral of SDF fighter Amed Enteriyê, who fell a martyr on 30 May as a result of an accident.

Speaking after a minute of silence, Martyr Families Council member Şemsêxan Gulo expressed the condolences of the council to the families of the martyrs and to the family and comrades of Martyr Amed.

Gulo pointed out that the region is “going through a period in which the war of existence and non-existence is waged” and added: “We are going through a sensitive process. Erdogan has once again won the elections and will increase his attacks. He is besieging Maxmur Camp, he banned visits to Leader Abdullah Öcalan for another 6 months, and attacked Shengal on Thursday."

Huner Qamishlo, a close friend of SDF fighter Amed Enteriyê, said that they have been involved in many operations carried out by the SDF since 2013. Huner said that they took part in SDF operations such as the resistance in Kobanê, liberation of Kobanê countryside and Sirîn town, Martyr Rûbar Qamişlo Campaign as well as Til Hemîs and Til Birak, opening the road between Kobanê and both cities, liberating Şedade and finally 'freeing the Deir ez-Zor countryside from terrorism'.

Ebdurehîm Îsa, father of SDF fighter Enteriyê, said: "We promise that we will follow in the footsteps of the martyrs until we achieve victory."

Revîn Şêxmûs, Member of the Martyrs' Families Council, read the martyr's certificate of martyrdom and delivered it to his family.