SDF fighter killed by Turkish drone strike

SDF fighter Mohamed Aiden has been killed in a Turkish drone strike in northern Syria. The SDF vows retaliation.

SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) fighter Mohamed Aiden (Nom de Guerre: Rojvan Wan) was killed in a Turkish army drone strike in Dirbêsiyê in northern Syria on April 9. This was announced by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) today, in a written statement which says the following:

"We promise that we will avenge Şehîd Rojvan. Our revenge will be as great as his sacrifice and courage. The Turkish state wants to annihilate the achievements of the peoples of the region that were won through the sacrifice of the martyrs. For this purpose, it is attacking the region and using every type of weapon, including prohibited weapons. Our companion Mohamed Aiden (Rojvan) was killed on April 9 during the attack of an armed drone of the Turkish state on the base of the border guard units in Dirbêsiyê. We offer our condolences to the family of the martyr and give our word that we will continue to fight until the fulfillment of the dreams of our martyrs."

The ID details of the fallen SDF fighter are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Rojvan Wan

First-Last Name: Mihemed Aydin

Mother’s Name: Fatime

Father’s Name: Qitbedîn

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 9 April 2022- Dirbêsiyê