Security Forces: Drugs enter North-East Syria from areas occupied by Turkey

The spokesman for the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria, Ali al-Hassan, confirmed that the spread of narcotic substances is targeting society, and that these substances enter from the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

Capitalist regimes practice various forms of war on societies to strike their social structure, through special war methods, which directly target the values of societies, and the promotion of narcotics is at the forefront of these methods.

Narcotics cause the body to become lethargic and paralyze its activity, and lead to “addiction,” causing severe damage to mental, physical and social health.

Its harms are not limited to the addiction, but affect society as a whole, and drug abuse leads to the spread of rape, theft and murder, in addition to a moral collapse in the structure of society, which is one of the goals of the promoters of this substance.

Drug promotion in north and east Syria

In the north and east of Syria and Syria in general, the Turkish occupation state and other parties have adopted many methods aimed at striking society, including military and intellectual attacks, and the promotion of drugs in the region through its mercenaries.

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria revealed during a press conference in the city of Qamishlo on March 22 that its forces had seized a large amount of narcotic pills, which the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation brought into the area with the aim of destroying society.

The spokesperson for the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria, Ali Al-Hassan, spoke to ANHA and explained that North and East Syria is facing a different kind of war that targets the structure and morals of society.  “And now we are facing a war that targets all members of society,” he said.

Al-Hassan stressed that the Internal Security Forces are resisting by fighting crime to control this scourge, by announcing campaigns to curb this phenomenon such as the "Life is Responsibility" campaign, controlling large quantities of these materials and arresting the dealers.

On September 25, 2020, the Security Forces announced a campaign to combat the spread of drugs under the name “Life is Responsibility”.

While it announced the end of two phases of the first campaign on February 23, 2021, in coordination with the Health Authority in North and East Syria, it revealed the arrest of 17 people working in medical warehouses and pharmacies, and promoting and selling medical drugs that can only be dispensed with a prescription.  In particular, 9937 medicinal narcotic pills were seized.

Targeting society

The spokesman pointed out the reasons for the spread of narcotics in north and east Syria, saying: "Our regions and Syria in general have been a trading point since ancient times, so these large quantities are smuggled to neighboring countries through our regions, and some of them are also promoted within the region."

The Internal Security Forces pointed out during their press conference in the city of Qamishlo, that "there are external parties and some weak-minded people trying to drain our areas by all means, most notably the introduction of drugs and many prohibited substances to them, to strike the values ​​of society, in addition to trying to use the geographical location of our areas to smuggle  their materials to other countries through our territory."

 Security forces are working to eradicate this scourge once and for all

 Al-Hassan stated, "Through careful follow-up and preliminary investigations that we conducted with the detainees, it was found that the narcotics entered through the areas of the Turkish occupation mercenaries, while they have a specific transit line targeting our areas in general," adding: "These networks cross the border and are not linked to a specific part only." 

On the dangers of narcotics on society, Al-Hassan explained: "Narcotics have great physical and psychological dangers to humans, and target the younger group more. Undoubtedly, we will be an impenetrable wall and fortress against the spread of this scourge, and will work day and night to eradicate it permanently from our society."

Ali Al-Hassan emphasized that the Internal Security Forces are carrying out their duties without regard to anything else but focusing on protecting the region, in addition to protecting neighboring countries.

The spokesperson for the Internal Security Forces addressed the people in north and east Syria, saying: "We always work for your protection. Your security and safety are our sacred responsibilities, and we will always work to provide them for you."