Six mercenaries killed in HRE actions

Three mercenaries were killed in Azaz and three others in Mare.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement announcing continued actions against the Turkish invasion army and allied mercenary groups in North-East Syria.

HRE said that their revenge operations against the occupation forces continue without interruption.

According to the statement, one mercenary was assassinated by HRE snipers in the vicinity of the Mare town on November 26.

On November 27, HRE units carried out a sabotage action against the mercenary group Ahrar Shimal in Kefer Kilbin village of Azaz. Three members of the group were killed and three others wounded here, two of them seriously.

Again on November 27, HRE units infiltrated the position of mercenary group Liwa Mutaasim in the vicinity of the Mare town. A military vehicle of the group was destroyed, two of its members were killed and three others wounded as a result.