Syriac Military Council: We will stop the Turkish invaders

The spokesman of the Syriac Military Council, Matay Hanna, announced opposition to an impending Turkish invasion and declared: "We will fight against Turkish fascism."

The attacks on northern and eastern Syria are aimed at destroying the project of democratic coexistence of the different ethnic and religious identities in the region. Members of the Syriac population, who are predominantly Christian, are particularly threatened by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies.

Syriac Military Council spokesman Matay Hanna spoke about the Council's determination to resist a Turkish invasion. The fight, he said, should continue until the liberation of the occupied areas of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. In an ANF interview, Hanna said: "All the towns and villages from Shehba to Dêrik, all the peoples who live there, were attacked. The Turkish state is also targeting resources in the region. Service facilities, health centers, electric power plants, grain deposits, gas plants and residential areas were bombed. These attacks were intended to break the will of the people. Friends from our ranks and civilians fell as martyrs in the attacks.”

Ten Assyrian villages bombed

Matay Hanna confirmed the attacks on at least ten villages where the Syriac people live: “Places like Gire Şeran, Rotan, Hertan, Girda Hor, Kabre, Hewere in Tirbespiyê, Til Eşman, Til Jumah, Tall Kafshi, Til Tawir in Til Temir where Assyrians and Chaldeans were attacked. Many villages came under fire.”

Support for IS and other jihadist groups

Hanna emphasized that the Turkish state organized the attack on Taksim to justify the attack on Rojava and continued: "By occupying Syrian territory, Turkey wants to spread mercenary groups like ISIS and Front al-Nusra in the region. By targeting Camp Hol and Çerkin Prison, the Turkish state wants to ensure that ISIS reorganizes and mobilizes. Turkey wants to destroy the peace between our people and the region. We will defend North and East Syria, whose freedom we have achieved with the blood of our martyrs, against the Turkish state.”

"Preparations complete"

Hanna adds that the Syriac Military Council has completed its preparations to face any invasion attacks: “We have made all the preparations to face the Turkish occupation. We will fight against Turkish fascism. We will not give up this fight until we liberate the occupied areas in Syria, like Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî.”