Terami: those behind the attack on my life won't succeed

Wise leader Nasir Terami survived an assassination attack in Deir Ez-zor and said those behind the attack would not succeed in dividing the people.

Nasir Terami, one of the wise leaders of the Şîêtat Tribe, who survived the assassination attack he suffered in Deir Ez-zor in the Meamil region, explained what happened and emphasized that the efforts by those carried out the attacks would come to nothing.

Recently, assassination attempts against tribal leaders have started to occur again in Deir Ez-zor. On October 26, two motorcyclists attempted to assassinate Nasir Terami, one of the Shiite tribe's opinion leaders. Terami survived the attack he suffered while leaving the international coalition meeting.

Terami said that after the attack, the driver lost control and they hit a power pole in the village of Berîha. Noting that the attackers approached their vehicles after the accident to see if they had died or not, Terami said that while the attackers approached, other people in the car opened fire with their weapons.

Terami said the attackers fled the scene as a result of the gunfire and that the people around came to the scene and helped them.

Terami said that the responsible for the attack clearly wanted to cause strife in the region.

Underlining that the conspirators will not achieve their goals, Terami said that the people are aware of the provocations.