TEV-DEM calls for enhanced struggle to liberate Afrin

TEV-DEM calls on national forces, society, women and youth to liberate Afrin by expanding struggle and diplomacy.

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) released a statement to mark the 5th anniversary of the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state and its mercenaries on 18 March 2018.

The statement said: “The occupation of Afrin was not easy. The Turkish state and its mercenaries who carried out the invasion aggression received major blows morally and financially and demonstrated the fact that they promote a fascist and terrorist mentality with their immoral and illegal crimes.”


The statement continued: “Five years have passed since Afrin was occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries. The occupation has destroyed cultural structure, humanitarian, social and historical values. Everyone saw how brutally they attacked the Kawa statue, which represented the defeat of all oppressive dictators in history. They have thus proven themselves to be invaders and crime rings targeting the democratic system of the region.

The Turkish state, some states in the region and radical Islamist states such as Qatar and Palestine have turned the Afrin region into a dangerous hotbed of the Salafists. Their main purpose is to move freely here and use mercenary groups as proxies. Furthermore, they deployed terrorists and mercenaries to Afrin to change the demographic structure of the region.

Apart from the crimes against humanity and nature, tree cutting, theft, looting and kidnapping, mercenary groups with different names and tendencies have shattered Afrin’s integrity with their radical ideologies.

Every part of Afrin has become the training centre of a new fundamentalist generation and terrorism. This is happening before the eyes of the international community, and humanity will face a real danger to security and stability in the future.


The security and stability of the region have been targeted by the invaders and mercenary groups, the rights of children have been violated as they are not allowed to get education in their own language, and Kurdish names have been banned. Women of Afrin are also affected by this reactionary culture.

Afrin is currently facing a great tragedy, instability and insecurity. The invading Turkish state maintains its hatred against the will and resistance of the people, particularly the 58-day Resistance of the Age which went down in history.


The Resistance of the Age scored historic victories against the fascist Turkish state, which has an army that terrorizes the world. In the meantime, while there are Russian military positions and the Damascus government forces in the Shehba region, the Turkish army continues to wage a genocidal war against the people of Afrin there and commit crimes against humanity.

As TEV-DEM, we salute the refugees in Shehba, who have heroically resisted the Turkish occupation and the embargo of the Damascus government, the moral and humanitarian stance of the people of Afrin and their resistance.

All national, political and socio-cultural forces, non-governmental organizations, women's and youth movements should prioritize the liberation of Afrin, continue their diplomatic efforts and fight based on solidarity and the Resistance of the Age, and stop the Turkish occupation of Afrin and Syrian territories.”