Three Turkish-backed mercenaries killed in retaliatory actions by the HRE

Afrin Liberation Forces reported that at least 3 invaders were killed and 2 others were wounded in retaliatory actions against the invading Turkish state and allied gangs.

The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement providing details about the actions carried out by their units against the occupation forces between 9-11 February.

Noting that these actions were in retaliation against the invading Turkish state's attacks on North and East Syria, the statement by the HRE Press Liaison Centre said:

"The invasion attacks of the occupying Turkish state and its gangs against North and East Syria continue. Our forces carried out retaliatory actions against these attacks in 3 different places between 9-11 February.

- On 9 February, 1 mercenary was killed in an assassination attack in the town of Azaz.

- On 10 February, 1 mercenary was killed in an assassination attack against gangs in the Azaz region.

- On 11 February, 1 mercenary was killed and 2 others were seriously wounded in an action directed against the mercenaries on the Meryemînê line north of Aleppo. At the same time, a DShK-laden military vehicle was destroyed."

HRE had stated in a previous statement that they had carried out simultaneous actions on 30 January in Shera, Sherawa and Azaz, where 7 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries were killed and 8 were wounded.

On 30 January, HRE carried out a comprehensive action against the Turkish occupying army base in Basilê village of Sherawa district. In this action, 12 Turkish soldiers and 8 mercenaries were killed.

According to the HRE balance sheet for 2023, 3 police officers and 19 soldiers were killed, 32 soldiers and 6 police officers were wounded as a result of their actions, while 70 mercenaries were killed and 58 others were wounded. In addition, five enemy bases, an arsenal, a thermal camera, a night scope, 6 motorcycles, 9 vehicles, a panzer and a truck were destroyed.