Turkey and their mercenaries kidnap 39 people in Afrin in one month

More than 39 citizens were kidnapped in one month, 7,000 trees were cut down, colonial houses and military bases were established in many areas of the region.

Crimes against people and nature continue to be carried out in Afrin, which has been under Turkish occupation since March 2018.

The Turkish state, which has occupied Afrin since 2018, continues to commit crimes such as kidnapping, destruction of nature, murder, plunder, theft, rape and demographic change.

More than 39 citizens were kidnapped in one month, 7,000 trees were cut down, colonial houses and military bases were established in many areas of the region.

39 citizens kidnapped

The Turkish state has kidnapped more than 39 citizens in Afrin since the beginning of 2023. Their names have been listed as follows: Mihemed Reşid Hiso (32), Ferman Elûş Sado (28), Bekir Hisên Xêro (35), Rêber Hisên Xêro (32), Elî Kalo (40), Mihemed Ferîd (28), Mihemed Kalo (36), Ednan Ebdo (39) ), Mihemed Ednan Silêman (30), Mihemed Ehmed Henan Hemîd (55), Îbrahîm Menan Dawud, Mihemed Esmet Şêxo, Mihemed Selah Hisên (30), Ferîda Ebdo, Mihemed Îbrahîm Mele Mihemed (49), Dogan Mihemed Mele Mihemed (48) , Enes Zekî, Elî Reşid Omer, Tewfîq Hesen (45), Îmad Kemal Sado (44), Şiyar Mistefa Sado (20), Receb Silêman Şawax (42) and Eynayet Arif Bekir (56).

More than 7,000 trees cut down

The Turkish state has cut down more than 7,000 trees in Afrin since the beginning of the year.

The invaders cut down 12 trees belonging to Mihemed Fewzî Xelîl, Mistefa Xelîl and Ziyad Xelîl, 20 trees belonging to Osman Hec Hemîd, 520 trees belonging to Reşid Ebdo, Rêzan Ebdo, Mistefa Ebdo, Mihemed Îbo and Mistefa Mihemed, and 520 trees belonging to Mihemed Îbo and Mistefa Mihemed. In addition, they also cut down 100 trees belonging to Mistefa Yasîn and her brother, 300 trees belonging to Izet Ebdo Diwêkê and Omer Bilal Nasan, and 100 trees each belonging to Kemal Mamend and Mistefa Cafer.

On the other hand, thousands of trees were cut down in forest areas in Mebata and Cindirêsê.


The occupiers continued their crimes of confiscating the property and animals of citizens in the new year.

In this context, they stole 16 sheep belonging to a citizen named Mamo Hesen, 2 sheep from Mamde Fewzî and 6 sheep from Omer Hesenkê from the village of Kimare.

In Bilbil district, the invaders confiscated the shops belonging to citizens Kîbar Hiso, Hisên Henan Birîm, Reşîd Mihemed, Seydo Menan, Osman Beko, Omer Esed Henan, Meryem Mihemed, Xalîde Elî, Emine Hesîno, Emine Hisên Koto, Cemîle Xelîl. Likewise, the house of a citizen called Ehmed Hano (65) was confiscated in Zeydiye.

Demographic change

On 4 January, the Turkish state built colonial houses called 'Ajnadîn' between the villages of Himêlka and Rifatiyê to the east of Cindirêsê. These structures were built on an area of 4,000 hectares belonging to citizens named Hesen Mecîd Mihemed and Emîn Murad Mihemed.

The main purpose of the colonial houses was to settle the mercenaries and their families here and to change the demographic structure of Afrin.

Military bases and drug centers

The Turkish state threatened citizens Îzet Ebdo Diwêkê and Omer Bilal Nasan with death, forcing them to leave their agricultural lands in Raco and establishing a military base on those lands.

The Tehrîr al-Sham (HTS) mercenaries set up a drug-producing factory in Qîbarê, a Yazidi village in Shera. The raw materials of drugs are provided by mercenaries named Abu Ebdullah Horan and Abu Ehmed Helawa.