Turkey attacks 13 villages in five hours

The Turkish state carried out bomb attacks on 13 villages in Northern and Eastern Syria in the evening hours.

The Turkish state launched its attacks at around 5.30pm local time. After the village of Shealê in Shehba, the Turkish state state targeted the villages of Bene and Soxaneke in Sherawa, and the villages of Ayndqanê, Bêlûniyê, Miniq and Şêx Îsa in the Shehba region.

At around 9.30pm, the Turkish army targeted the villages of Merenaz, Tat Meraş, Shewarxa, Malikiyê and Alqemiyê in the Shera district of Afrin Canton. 125 howitzers and mortar shells hit these villages.

To the west of Kobanê, the village of Ziyaret was bombarded with howitzer artillery.