Turkey sells usurped Afrin olives to foreign markets

The Turkish state has sold Afrin olives seized by its forces to European countries.

Interviewed by ANHA news agency, Afrîn Human Rights Organization officials said occupant Turkish state and its gangs smuggle olives and olive oil they usurped in Afrin into Europe and the USA via Turkey. The officials also revealed that 90 thousand tons of olive oil produced in Afrin were shipped to the US via Hatay province of Turkey with the help of Turkey’s agricultural institutions.


Israfil Mustafa, deputy co-chair of the Afrin Region Executive Council, made the following statement: "The Turkish state stealing olives and olive oil belonging to the people of Afrin is a crime against humanity. This crime is committed before the eyes of the international community. The countries that buy these products stolen by the Turkish state have also become partners in this crime. Therefore, those who commit such crimes must be punished according to international law.”

İsrafil Mustafa called on the international community and the United Nations to deal with the crimes the Turkish state and its gangs committed against the people of Afrin.