Turkish attacks on Sherawa increasing

In the past ten days at least 64 artillery attacks have been carried out on Sherawa, Afrin.

The attacks of the Turkish state on the Sherawa district in the occupied territory of Afrin do not stop. On February 1, the occupying troops attacked the villages of Aqîbe, Bînê and Keştearê with artilleries. On February 3, the villages of Soxanekê, Aqîbe, Bînê and Kefenaya became targets of the attacks. At least 40 artillery attacks were carried out on the region, killing 65-year-old Ali Mele from Aqîbe. In an attack on the village of Dêr Cemal, one Syrian soldier died and another was injured.

On February 6, the village of Dêr Cemal was again the target of an attack. Six artillery shells hit the village and caused damage to property. Since then the attacks have continued unabated.

The co-chairman of the council of Sherawa, Ehmed Suleyman, spoke to ANHA and said: "What is happening today in Sherawa is nothing more than an attempt to massacre the civilian population. Again today, civilians are being killed."

Suleyman recalled the massacre of December 2, 2019, when the Turkish massacred refugees from Afrin who had taken refuge in the town of Tel Rifat in the northern Syrian canton of Shehba. Eight children between the ages of three and 15 and two adults were killed by artillery fire.

Selwa Hemo from Sherawa condemned the attacks with the words: "The world public condemns the Syrian regime's attacks on Idlib and at the same time turns a blind eye to what the Turkish state is doing. The Turkish state has killed eight innocent children in Tel Rifat. Why are they silent on this? The Turkish state must be held responsible."