Turkish forces attack Ain Issa, Til Temir, Til Rifat and Shehba

The Turkish state’s genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria has continued since October 9 in violation of international law.

Turkish occupation forces have shelled several villages in Ain Issa, Til Temir, Til Rifat and Shehba regions of northern Syria.

The village of Hoshan in Ain Issa was bombed at 21:30 local time.

At around 20:30 Thursday evening, the town of Til Temir and the village of Um al-Kaf were attacked with howitzers. Reports say that the attacks targeted civilian settlements and the power plant in the town was rendered unusable.

At around 19:40 local time, Til Rifat district of Shehba was attacked with heavy weapons. Concurrent attacks targeted the villaegs of Irshadiya and Kafr Antun in Afrin’s Shera district.

The Turkish state is systematically bombing civilian settlements in North-East Syria / Rojava on daily basis. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, while hundreds of civilians have lost their lives since the invasion attacks that began on 9 October 2019.