Turkish soldiers and mercenaries linked to them kidnap 11 people in Afrin in the last week

The Turkish soldiers kidnapped 11 people in Afrin in the last week.

The Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes in occupied Afrin.

Sources from the canton reported that the Turkish army and its mercenaries kidnapped 11 people in a week.

Some of the abducted people are from Cindirêsê district and have been named as follows: Derwîş Hesen Mihemed (31), Ebdumecîd Hisên Mihemed, Wehîd Ebdo Ebdo (26), Mihemed Newres Îsmaîl (32), Kefir from the village of Sefrê, Şêxmûs from the village of Nesriyê.

The Turkish army and its mercenaries also kidnapped Ali Zuher Hemo (24) from Şiyê district, Mehmud Keleş and Hesen Sebri from the village of Hêkêçê.

Xelil İsmail Ali (22) and Ehmed Nebo Ehmed from the village of Burç Heyder in Sherawa district were also kidnapped. The Turkish army and its mercenaries also kidnapped Ehmed Yusif Tobal from the village of Meirisk in the Shera district.

Beatings and assaults

"Feyleq al-Sham" mercenaries have beaten up Reşid Ebdurehman Seydo from the village of Meydankê in the Shera district.

Mihemed Fatih, a gang leader in Mabata district, cut down 300 olive trees belonging to Mihemed İbrahim from the village of Mist Eşura.

The "Mutesim Billah" mercenaries, linked to the Turkish army, attacked the house of Mihemed Şêx İsa from Shera district, stealing approximately 10,000 dollars and many telephones.

"Firqet Hemzat" gangs looted and stole many solar panels and equipment in the village of Kefer Del in Cindirêsê district.

In the village of Şadiya in Raco district, "Ehra Şerqiye" gangs cut down nearly 1,500 pomegranate trees belonging to Hisên Ehmed Xelil Cafer.

"Firqet Hemzat" gangs seized the house of Hebib Berho (80) from the village of Marat in Afrin.

Nearly 80 olive trees belonging to Henan Ebdurehman from the village of Qurtqulaq in Shera district were cut down by "Sultan Murad" mercenaries.