Two civilians killed in clashes between rival mercenaries in Bab

In Bab, two civilians lost their lives in an armed clash between two rival mercenary groups called Cebhet al-Şamiye and Ehrer al-Şerqiye.

Clashes erupted between the two mercenary groups called Cebhet al-Shamiye and Ehrer al-Şerqiye. Both groups belong to the Turkish state. Two civilians lost their life as a result of the clashes which took place al-Rai highway.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, clashes erupted when the two groups failed to agree to sell animals in occupied areas illegally to Syrian regime-controlled areas.

After the clashes, Cebhet al-Şemiye group captured 13 members of Ehrar al-Şerqiye group and confiscated the vehicles loaded with animals. It has been reported that a large number of mercenaries were killed in the clashes, although the number could not be established.