Two martyrs laid to rest in Raqqa

People of Rojava bid farewell to the martyrs of Honor Resistance against Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria.

Masses gathered at the Raqqa Cemetery of Martyrs today to bid farewell to SDF fighter Ali El Ehmed and Military Discipline Units Member Sultan Abdulrehman who fell in the Honor Resistance against Turkish invasion.

The farewell at the cemetery began with a military ceremony of SDF fighters, after which speeches were made by Raqqa Civil Council Member Hesen El Mustafa and Raqqa Military Council Commander Ebu Casim El Reqawî.

Offering condolences to the families of the martyrs, speakers promised to follow in the footsteps of those fallen.

In the meantime, the Assembly of Martyrs’ Families announced the identities of four other fighters who have fallen as martyrs in the ongoing resistance; Mihemed Casim El-Elî, Mezlûm El-Dêrî, Ewad Xanim El-Tebaş and Ehmed Elî El-Xêro.

At the end of the ceremony, the two martyrs were laid to rest with slogans.