Wounded SDF fighters reiterate their promise to resume struggle and resistance

Thousands of SDF fighters were martyred and wounded over the past few years and during the tough battles against the terrorist organization of ISIS. However, their efforts were not in vain, and the gains were worthy and great.

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) struggle against ISIS has eventually culminated in the liberation of the entire region and people of North-East Syria. Moreover, the SDF victories were recorded as the most reliable force ever to fight against ISIS.

During an interview with SDF war-wounded fighters in Al-Tabqa city, the wounded fighters strongly renewed their promise to continue their struggle and confirmed that their wounds would never affect their determination to move forward on the path of struggle that they always had chosen with faith.

“It was Turkey that sent ISIS groups and the remnants of global terrorism to our regions, we lost parts of our bodies during the war against terrorism, and our martyred comrades gave their lives for freedom”, the wounded fighters said.

“We will not allow Ottoman terrorism to return to our areas again, we are ready to take up arms and stand in the face of any possible attack by the Turkish occupation or other enemies,” the war-wounded fighters added.