Yazidi minor rescued from Hol Camp handed over to YBŞ

A Yazidi teen named Canê Heyder has been handed over to the Shengal Resistance Units to reunite with her family after her rescue from the Hol Camp.

The Yazidi House in the Cizre Region delivered a Yazidi teen named Canê Ziyad Heyder (15) to the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) in an official ceremony after she was rescued from the Hol Camp by the Internal Security Forces and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ).

Ziyad Heyder was born in the village of Solax in Shengal. She has been living in the 6th section of the Hol Camp since 2019 after she was kidnapped by ISIS from her hometown.

The Kidnapped Women Committee of the Yazidi House and YPJ spokeswoman Rûksen Mihemed handed over Canê Ziyad Heyder to YBŞ commander Omer Şengalî this morning.


YPJ spokeswoman Rûksen Mihemed addressed the massacres against the Yazidis in her speech during the ceremony.

“After the 74 massacres committed against the Yazidis, the people of Shengal and the Shengal Resistance Units have been able to frustrate the genocidal plans and attacks,” she said.

The YPJ spokeswoman stated that the Yazidis’ commitment to protect their people, region and culture is stronger than all the attacks of ISIS. She added that they would continue their struggle and efforts until all Yazidi women kidnapped by ISIS are freed.

YBŞ commander Omer Şengalî thanked all the military forces in the region for their efforts, adding, “The Yazidi community will continue to resist despite all the pain they have suffered."


Yazidi House member Nalîn Reşo thanked all military forces, thanks to whom, she said, three kidnapped Yazidi women have been freed in a month.

After the speeches, Canê Ziyad Heydar was handed over to YBŞ to reunite with her family.

The YPJ freed two more Yazidi women, Sewsen Hesen Heyder (24) and Wefa Elî Ebas (18) during the second phase of the Operation Humanity and Security launched against the ISIS remnants in the Hol Camp.