YPJ commemorates two fighters who fell martyr in Serêkaniyê

YPJ General Command released the identity of two fighters who fell martyr in Serêkaniyê fighting against the occupying Turkish army. The two fighters were martyr Zeynep Felat, code name Pınar Yilmaz, and Nergiz Sewiş, code name Sosin Yoksul.

YPJ General Command said in a written statement that the two fallen fighters played an important role at high level in the fight against ISIS mercenaries.

The statement said: "We commemorate the martyrs fallen during the Honour Resistance and all the martyrs of the revolution in the person of Comrades Zeynep and Nergiz, who took part of the resistance in Serêkaniyê."

The statement added: "Comrades Zeynep and Nergiz played an important role at a high commanding level in the fight against the ISIS mercenaries and in the war."

On 9 October the Turkish army launched an occupation campaign aimed at the gains reached in North-East Syria and at the destruction of the peoples of that area.

"Comrades Zeynep and Nergiz - said the statement - have shown us their determination in the pursue of free life with their life, struggle, hope and beliefs. The martyrdom of our two comrades prompts us to be determined in the struggle for freedom."

The identity of the two YPJ fighters  is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: ZEYNEP FELAT

Name and Surname: PINAR YILMAZ

Mother Name: ŞEZIME

Father Name: MEHDIN

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Serêkaniyê


Nom de Guerre: NERGIZ SEWİŞ

Name Surname: SOSIN YOKSUL

Mother Name: XANIM

Father Name: XALIT

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Serêkaniyê"