Afrin canton defies Turkish threats

Afrin canton will stand against Turkish threats and will respond Turkey with political and military means, Afrin canton administration said.

The Democratic Autonomy Administration Executive Council of Afrin Canton released a statement over recent Turkish threats and said that Afrin will stand against Turkey.

Recalling the statements of Turkish officials, the Council accused Turkey of carrying out psychological war against people of Afrin and said that Turkey is spreading fear to force people to migrate from the region. The administration also pointed out the recent mobilization of Turkish military forces and artillery attacks carry the same purpose.    

“Turkey is trying to enter Syrian soil with the war against terrorism argument and legitimate its invasion” the statement read.

About the threats by Turkey, the Council said: “Our attitude against Turkish statements and threats is open and clear. We will respond them in both political and military means. We have the power to stand against a Turkish invasion. Our forces proved themselves in the war against terror and cleared a large portion of Syria from terror.”

The Council also urged international powers to develop an attitude towards the attacks by the Turkish state.