Rector and students in this university part of the resistance

In Afrin, one of the institutions that has joined the Resistance of the Age as a whole is the Afrin University. Rector Dr. Ehmed Yusif said, “My students have taken to the fronts against the occupation,” and students say, “The invasion can’t pass”.

The people continue with the resistance in Afrin where the Turkish state and their allied Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and ISIS gangs continue their invasion attacks. All sections of society participate in the Resistance of the Age as their means and strength allows. One of the institutions that has joined in fully to the Resistance of the Age is the Afrin University, the first university in Rojava, founded in 2015.

There are 4 faculties and 6 departments in the Afrin University, which turned to the resistance as soon as the invasion attacks started. Afrin University Rector Dr. Ehmed Yusif spoke to the ANF and stated that some students took off to the fronts as the invasion operation started and others started volunteering in hospitals, while others still participated in social efforts.


Afrin University Rector Dr. Ehmed Yusif said theirs is the first university in Rojava and added: “We are truly saddened when the topic of education comes up. The Afrin University was the first university founded in Rojava. At the same time, it was the first university founded outside of the bounds set by the Syrian regime. In 2015, we founded this university with 4 faculties and 6 departments, medicine, literature, communications, agricultural and mechanical engineering, and economics. We had a total of 850 students.”


Yusif said with the start of the attacks by the Turkish state and their allied gangs, many students took up arms and headed to the frontlines: “Many of our students went to the fronts to fight the Turkish invasion. Some volunteer in hospitals. Some try to contribute to the resistance by working in institutions like Heyva Sor or the press. The whole world must see this. Today, counting in elementary schools, there are over 40.000 students deprived of their education. Our students have also gone to the fronts to defend their lands. Because they know full well that a free tomorrow can only come on free lands.”


We met Afrin University student Zarife Mexwerve in Heyva Sor A Kurd as she was distributing aid to citizens migrating from their villages. Mexwerve said she started to work in the social efforts to support the resistance as the attacks started: “I am studying medicine. With the attacks starting, we all took on duties. I work in the hospital and in Heyva Sor. Some friends are on the fronts, some are doing media. All to protect our lands from invasion. Because these are our lands. We are prepared to give anything necessary, including our lives.”


We had met Afrin University student Aslan Elî in a frontline position in Jindires. Elî had spoken to ANF cameras about their resolve in the resistance: “We are in Afrin’s Jindires district for defense against the Turkish state’s attacks. Erdoğan said he would take Afrin in 3 hours, but today is the 27th day. They still haven’t made significant progress. If Erdoğan is so brave, he can come face us chest to chest. Our morale is great, we are resisting, Our morale will never diminish. We will never abandon Afrin to Erdoğan and his gangs.”