SDF: Avrin Hospital bombing has been documented

The SDF has said that the bombing of Avrin hospital in Afrin by Turkish warplanes has been documented with photographs and videos.

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Press Center issued a written statement and said the Turkish media is hiding the invading Turkish state bombing the Avrin Hospital.

SDF Press Center stated that the Turkish media is hiding the massacres the invading Turkish state has committed against the people of Afrin and said:

“The Turkish media publish allegations that have nothing to do with the facts to this end.

The Avrin Hospital was bombed by invading Turkish state fighter jets on March 16, 2018. Dozens of civilians were martyred and killed in the bombing, and the hospital where thousands of civilians receive treatment was greatly damaged.

After the bombing, the Turkish state’s official news agency the Anadolu Agency published a video that shows a building close to the hospital. With this footage they had published, the Turkish state wants to hide the fact that they bombed a hospital with fighter jets.

We declare to the public that the Avrin Hospital has been bombed by Turkish jet fighters and that the building in the footage the Turkish state had published is not the hospital building.

The bombing of the hospital has been documented with photographs and videos.

The documents can be accessed through the following link:مشاهد-تؤكد-تعرض-مشفى-آفرين-للقصف-الترك/”