TEV-DEM statement on Afrin and Daraa

“War is not the solution. Dialogue will bring peace.”

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Diplomatic Relations Centre has held a press conference on the situation in Afrin and Daraa.

The press conference was held at TEV-DEM main building in Qamishlo and was attended by many journalists.

TEV-DEM Diplomatic Relations Centre spokesperson, Kemal Akif, read the statement.

Beginning with the situation in Afrin, TEV-DEM official said:

“The attacks carried out by the Turkish state in Afrin are increasing by the day while all international laws and treaties are violated.

These attacks are aimed at a resisting people. The policies to change the demographic structure of the city and the abductions, executions and inhumane treatment in Afrin are happening on a daily basis.

The news coming from the zone as well as the reports compiled at international level, prove that what is happening in Afrin is against any human rights law.

Furthermore no help is given to Afrin’s displaced people.

Turkey is a state of occupation and its presence in Syria is a great danger.

Turkey maintains the same policy and carries out similar attacks in all four parts of Kurdistan.

Turkish attacks against South Kurdistan are actually a continuation of Turkey's policy in Afrin.

Turkey wants to destroy the existence of the Kurdish people and it is sparing neither means nor resources.

There is a need for a strong stance of the Kurdish people in the face of the ongoing attacks, and this stance is only possible with a Kurdistan National Congress.

All Kurdish sides should stand against these attacks and establish the National Congress while at the same time they should take part in the resistance to defend Kurdish achievements”.

TEV-DEM also expressed its concern about the situation in Daraa.

In its statement TEV-DEM said:

“Unfortunately, the Syrian regime is still wrongly thinking that the military option will be a solution to the war.

It is clear, though, that war in Syria cannot be solved through military operations.

What has happened in Daraa does not mean that a solution to the war has been found.

The Syrian regime should be well aware that war is deepening, and that more serious and responsible steps are needed in order to achieve a permanent settlement.

Dialogue and peace are needed in order to achieve a solution to the Syrian war.

Again, a lasting peace can be achieved through the drafting of a new constitution that protects the rights of all the Syrian peoples.

This constitution must be democratic and all peoples should have a place in it.

All peoples living in Northern Syria have the right to take part in the work carried out for the drafting of a new constitution.

We reject and consider unacceptable all regional and international initiatives for the new constitutional committee.

We want to build a new Syria. A solution worked out by all the parties in Syria should be based on peace and democracy”.