Turkish army kills a civilian, wounds another in Serêkaniyê

One civilian has lost his life and another has been wounded as a result of the invading Turkish army targeting civilians on the Sêrekaniyê border for the last two days.

As the invading Turkish army commits more civilian massacres in Afrin and implements ISIS practices, they also continue with the attacks against the Rojava border in general. The Turkish state has been targeting civilians from their positions along the Sêrekaniyê border since last night. Turkish soldiers targeted a worker this morning on the Til Xelef road in Sêrekaniyê, Ehmed Isa was shot through his heart as he was painting the control point, and subsequently lost his life.


Civilians in the Muheta neighorhood on the border with a watch position on the Sêrekaniyê border that belongs to the invaders were shot at last night. The shots wounded an Arab minor named Abdulkerim Sahlan, who was placed under treatment in the Tıbbîl Xelif hospital.

The Turkish army continues their harassment fire against YPG forces and their targeting of civilians daily on the Sêrekaniyê border. In this month alone, 3 civilians have been wounded.