Turkish-backed gangs brutally murder 70-year-old man in Afrin

70-year-old man who was kidnapped by Turkish-backed mercenaries recently, has been found dead today.

Katibat al-Hamzat gangs abducted 70-year-old civilian Hemdi Ebdo and killed his wife Sultana Xelil in their house in the village of Berad in Afrin’s Sherawa district on 7 July. The woman was tortured to death by a militia member named Abu Ali Heyani.

Hemdi Ebdo, whose whereabouts remained unknown since he was abducted, has been found dead south of the Berad village on Thursday.

Sources from the region said the man’s body has been found by the villagers. According to the sources, one hand and one foot of the man had been cut off, there were marks of savage torture on his body and he had been apparently stoned to death.

According to reports, the al-Hamzat gangs seized the man’s money (7 million Syrian Lira), gold and animals while kidnapping him from his home.

Sources say that the man’s body remains in the field and the gangs are not allowing the villagers to get close to that area.