25 November Women's Platform members acquitted

Women's Platform activists stood trial for a 2018 demonstration against male violence.

The trial of women prosecuted for taking to the streets against male-state violence on 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) 2018 ended with the acquittal of the activists.

The case, initiated against the women following the call of Women Together are Strong and the 25 November Women's Platform, was attended by feminists at the Istanbul 36th Criminal Court of First Instance.

During the trial, statements were taken from women who had not previously given their defense. Following the statements of the lawyers, the court announced its decision, issuing a sentence for one woman. Acquittal was granted for 19 women.

After the trial, the women said in a statement : "In the trial all defendants were acquitted except for one person. We began to be prosecuted long after this incident. Since 2018, the police have been intervening against women who protested on the streets until that year. We do not accept these attacks."