26 candidates run for Iraqi presidency

The Iraqi Parliament will elect a new president on 8 February. 26 people have already been nominated.

The Iraqi president is traditionally given to the Kurds. Currently, PUK deputy Berhem Salih is holding the presidency.

26 candidates are running for the presidential elections to be held in the parliament on 8 February.

According to the Iraqi Constitution, the candidate must be an Iraqi citizen of Iraqi parents and must be over the age of 40. In addition, he must have no ties with the closed Baath Party and has to have a clean record.

To become president, a two-thirds majority (213 deputies) is required in the first vote in parliament. Generally, the president has the consensus of the political blocs.

There are 11 Kurds among the candidates, but their chances of being elected seem slim. Former KDP Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance Hosyar Zebari, Şilan Fuad, former Iraqi President Celal Talabani's brother-in-law Latif Reşid and the Kurdish judge Rizgar Emin, who tried Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, are among the Kurdish candidates.

These candidates oppose the election of Berhem Salih as president for the second time. Despite this, Salih remains the favourite candidate.